Saturday, 1 January 2011

Not a Resolution.

The girls and I went for a walk this morning and they asked what I thought Santa ate all year. (and you thought the Santa questions ended after the presents)
Is it just cookies and soymilk?
I told them I thought that Santa ate regular food for the rest of the year, which they then took to mean that maybe Santa only eats treats one day a year and is so "treated out" by the end of his trip that he doesn't eat any for the rest of the year. (Either that or he doesn't eat the cookies at all he just takes them all home in a big goodie bag and lets the elves eat them.)
This assumption that it is a one off thing led to the discussion about how hard it would be for Santa to not eat any treats all year, and what he would eat instead if he wanted something sweet.
Then they asked "Could you do that Mum?" and I told them I could try. (Am I crazy??) They thought this was a neat idea (that I try not that they join me in my trying) so we made a "thumb deal" (sort of like a pinkie promise) that I would attempt to not eat treats all year apart from on my birthday. Not a resolution, even though it happened on January 1st, but more like a challenge. Am I up to the challenge?? time will tell. I'm going to have to stock up on dried fruit I know that much!
I am however, allowed to make them treats, (and actually have to for birthdays and the like I have been told) and if the treats are ones I've never made before (in recipe testing for example) I am allowed to "test" what I have made, but then the rest has to be given away.
Do-able?? Well, if Santa can do it.....


radioactivegan said...

hrmm ... Good luck. I don't know if I'd want to tackle that particular challenge, but I'm sure you'll be better for it :)

LeLa said...

What a challenge! I also promised myself I won't eat sweets unless someone gives me.

Jessica Elizabeth said...

I see many new dessert recipes in your you can "taste" them ;)