Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The new and improved....

Karmavore Store!!

I went out to their new location (6th and Columbia in New West) yesterday for a poke around and to pick up a few things. Unfortunately the grocery section isn't entirely up and running yet so I picked up fewer things than I hoped, but never mind, I now have an excuse to go back soon! Like I need one.

This store is big and beautiful! Much larger then the old premises (and that is even without the downstairs grocery and deli operational) and very tastefully decorated and loaded with all sorts of great products. The address details are here, but the photo in the link is of the old store.

I can't wait to see their (expanded) line of grocery items (I'm told it will be before Christmas) and see what sort of things they will be selling in the deli (in the New Year apparently). Maybe a trip at lunchtime would be in order....

If you are getting there by car, I would bite the bullet straight off and pay for the covered off street public parking to the rear of Columbia Street, as trying to find an on street space in new West (pay or otherwise) is always hard! I think for me, coming again that the sky train would be the best bet as the station is really close and there isn't the parking stress.

Now, how to get them to 1. stock my book when it is released, 2. hold a fancy launch party for it in their fancy store, 3. give me a free Smore for all this promo, and 4. employ me when I stop doing home based daycare??? Am I wishing for too much?


Linda said...

I think all those things are pretty achievable. And 5 Get them to stock and sell your baked goods, fresh daily :)

Nomes said...

I just stumbled across your site, and thank you for publishing oh so much interesting vegan stuff! I live right by the new Karmavore location, and am so happy that they are there. Not sure when you were there last, but you MUST try their Croissants (a new addition since their Deli opened).

Would croissants constitute as a 'treat'? You could argue they are savoury. My husband is not vegan, claims he's 98% vegetarian, loves them, thinks they are better than the real deal.

Unfortunately it's because of these amazing type treats, that I have to limit my walks to that store... or I wouldn't be able to fit through the door!

Keep writing!

Carla said...

I do want to try their croissants but i have not yet decided if they are a treat or not. I'm thinking if I was there at lunchtime and got one slongside a hot something then it is part of lunch and therefore not a treat???