Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Mo Fo 9

Link-o-rama in this post too.

Its one book (500 Vegan Recipes) by two authors (Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman) who both have great blogs which need to be linked.
This is a brick or a book, even in soft cover, and is loaded with more recipes than you could get through in a year. I'd like to see someone do that as a blog challenge actually!
Confession time, but I haven't made anything from this book. However, I have read it like a novel because the food sounds so good! One of my recipe testers (Hi Liz!) also tests for Joni and Celine and has nothing but praise to heap on them. I trust her opinion and on the strength of that can say I am well pleased to have this one in my cookbook library. and I will cook from it one day. (promise)
Celine and Joni are incredibly productive as cookbook authors, a whole bunch of books (well 3) due to appear in 2011. There will be more from these ladies later in the month....


vegan.in.brighton said...

I've also read the entire book & only finally cooked something from it yesterday! Crazy, I'll definitely be using it more soon.

panda with cookie said...

Super book! I also tested for them. I recommend the un-chicken noodle soup. Easy and delicious.

windycityvegan said...

I tested recipes for the two of the three books that are due to come out, and they are chock-full of great recipes!

I could totally do a 500 Vegan Recipes challenge. I've made three different tea cakes in the past four days out of that book, and the seitan mini bites are a weekly staple in my house.