Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Mo Fo 3

Continuing with the Isa and Terry theme, getting them all out of the way first before branching into the remainder of my library! These are other books collaboratively written that I didn't test for, not for lack of wanting!
The huge hardback book which takes up loads of space and is filled with loads of good stuff. Chickpea cutlets anyone? Double Chocolate Cookies (the exact name I'm not sure of this is how we think of them) and the icecream recipe which is my favourite icecream recipe, even though (as you will see later) I own other icecream books.
If anyone ever needs a cupcake (or a cake) give them this cute book. I've tried a bunch of recipes, and truth be told I usually use one of my own, but it is good to have to loan out to people (until I have mine to loan!).
Favorite recipes anyone??


windycityvegan said...

I *still* don't own Veganomicon, but I've made a ton of recipes from it (thanks, Public Library!) I made the Gluten Free Freedom Cupcakes for a Hallowe'en party last weekend - hands down the best GF cupcake recipe EVER.


(Ugh, I hate that stuff.)

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful cake (below)! I just got the vegan cupcakes book. I'm not sure where to start. I've heard so many good things about both books you've listed. I'm really excited about your bake sale cookbook!

Carla said...

I get chickpea flour in SAVOURY stuff, but not in sweet things!