Friday, 26 November 2010

Mo Fo 26

My last book from my publishers was Veggie Burgers Every which Way by Lukas Volger. Not a totally vegan book, but vegan and vegetarian combined with lots of options either way, and being clever, us vegans will be able to replace any pesky eggs or dairy with vegan alternatives. Or so I hope!
Its a smaller book than I was expecting, but with loads of photographs and high quality paper. It has those handy flaps for keeping your place as you read, which I like and would like to see more of! There is lots of information about the ingredients and the chapter breakdown is logical, by main ingredient. Logical is good!

I'll have to do some indoor burger-ing to get some recipes tested, as for us BBQ weather is long gone!


This bring me to the end of the review books I obtained during the month, but you know what, there are still a few days of MoFo left so I have a few more posts up my sleeves. Tomorrow, books I know I am getting because I have asked Mum and Dad for them!

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