Sunday, 21 November 2010

Mo Fo 21

I have lumped these 2 books together because I haven't given them anywhere near enough love to enable me to comment on them in great detail.

Santa bought me 125 Best Vegan Recipes by Maxine Chuck and Beth Gurney last Christmas, and nothing so far has inspired me, even though it is a solid well written book, but I think more suited to a starter vegan. This may be a future giveaway-to-a-new-vegan book. After the rest of MoFo perhaps...
The other book I have had for years, and want to like as it has a homemade feel about it, and pictures of cats. I'm speaking of The little Vegan Monsters Cookbook by Lourdes E Canas-Jovel and Anthony W Acock, which I bought thinking it was full of food for "little vegan monsters" IE children, but it isn't, apart from one section, and overall I found it a little disappointing. I think the monsters in the title refers to the pictures of cats.

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sgcorrie said...

I've had that 125 Vegan Recipes book for a year and a half now and have only cooked out of it a handful of times! I'm not really impressed with it.