Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Mo Fo 16

I'm not GF, but at the moment am not eating wheat. I did a "detox" type thing last year (or the year before, I can't remember so I must be getting old) and found I felt mush lighter and cleaner without wheat, if that is possible. Then came baking and testing and baking for Q&E Vegan Bake Sale, so now that is done I am giving my body a break from wheat again. During the previous wheat time-out I obtained a copy of The Gluten Free Vegan by Susan O'Brien, mainly hoping for lots of GF tips, especially baking tips. This book doesn't have a huge baking focus, but gives an insight into options for vegans who are Gluten Free. Most of the recipes are things which I feel I could have figured out on my own, so I haven't been using this book much. I don't want to get rid of it, as I've found it handy to lend to some non-vegan friends who are (or whose children are) Gluten Free.

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Mandee said...

I bought this when I first heard about it but I haven't used it very much. The recipes I have tried have been good but nothing spectacular. I should use it more often!