Friday, 19 November 2010

Dinner Party - BONUS!

Have you ever seen the show "Dinner Party Wars" on Food Network (Canada)??
We watched it one day last week, and M, who is 8, says to me "I'd like to have a dinner party Mum". Now, I couldn't think of a good reason to say No straight off the bat so I told her she had to come up with a guest list and a menu that we could make together. I was expecting 11 friends, and a ridiculous menu which I could easily say No to, but she came back with 3 friends, having to dress in posh clothes, and a really easy menu. Of course I said yes.

So what does an 8 year old choose for a dinner party? Here is the dinner party menu -
Pretzels and Apples
Fresh sliced apples, dried apple, pretzel sticks, and chocolate pretzel twists.
Vegetable Salad with Dip
Sliced raw vegetable selection with Vegan Ranch Dressing (bought from Karmavore)

Pasta with Tomato Vegetable Sauce

Mini Shells with a homemade Tomato and Sweet Pepper Sauce

Vanilla Cupcakes

My recipe from Vegan Bake Sale!

Choice of Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Chocolate Soy Milk, or Water.

M helped with the decorations, food plating and serving. She is already planning the next evening! Though I am not too sure.


celyn said...

What an awesome kid party! And may I compliment you on the multi-level cupcake? Gorgeous.

Mike said...

I like it!!
No photo of the flash dresses?
Interesting choice of foods.
Give Mhairi a big hug.

Grandpa M

Carla said...