Thursday, 21 October 2010

Red Pepper and Spinach Millet Risotto

I love combining grains to get different tastes and textures (not to mention nutrition profile) from dishes. In this case I combined Millet with Arborio Rice to create a beautifully tasty, veggie loaded, Risotto.
I find risotto is an easy dish to add other grains to, I've used Buckwheat and Barley in the past, but still gettingteh creamy result if you use half risotto rice. Yay for experimenting.


Carla said...

holy moly that looks so amazing! 10 points for presentation!

Matt said...

I've actually never even thought of combining grains in a dish before. Definitely a cool idea, with a delicious-looking recipe to boot! Thanks for sharing this!

caribbeanvegan said...

Really pretty and creative Carla. I just threw out my bag of millet due to a bug that go in the bag. This is a really fancy vegan lunch or dinner healthy and pack with all the good stuff.

Carla said...

@caribbeanvegan - My last lot of millet got mouldy really quickly so I had to buy more.
@Matt, as long as they grains cook in relatively the same amount of time its pretty easy. You just ahve to adjust liquid accordingly
@Carla - thanks!

vegannifer said...

That is lovely! How festive, too, for the upcoming holiday season with all the lovely reds and greens!