Sunday, 12 September 2010

Oh, my

Where did last week go?!

It was the first week of school, and dancing, and it seems to have passed in a blur, hence the lack of posts and I do apologise. I made mini cupcakes for a back-to-school treat for the girls classes and teachers, and then on Friday made waffles for the annual "Pancake Breakfast" the 7th graders put on for the rest of the school, just so the girls would have something to eat with the rest of the kids. Busy has started again.

M also had a playground accident on Friday so that afternoon was a write-off at the hospital (she's fine, just bruised and sore but we had to get it all checked out), so I have no more exciting food related information or recipes for you.

Here's a photo of dinner from the other night, just so I can continue to say this is a food blog! Aduki Bean Pancakes, anyone?


aimee said...

Very unique, Carla! Nice photo:)

Carla said...

They are really yummy too! From testing for the next book project I am working on.