Sunday, 13 June 2010

Links to share

Information on the book release!
the page to pre-order!
How very cool is THAT!


Mike said...

Well done Carla, hope it sells well for you.

Great write up so it should!!

Hope they can get it out a month early, that would be just in time for Christmes.

It would make a great Christmas present.

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed!!

veghunter said...

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Keep up the great work!

Courtney said...

SO cool! Wow...congrats, Carla!!!


Melissa said...

Hi Carla,
The cover looks great. If I was browsing through cookbooks I would definitely pick it up and look through it. I can't wait for the actual book. Congratulations again!

Carla said...

They have a cover now?? Last I looked it was just a photo of to check!