Monday, 3 May 2010

More from AVK

American Vegan Kitchen, by Tamasin Noyes that is, as seen in my last post!

I made a couple more things from the book over the weekend, and these recipes were super impressive too.

Firstly the Portobello Sticks on page 59. I'm not usually a deep fryer, so we don't have one and had to use a pot, but it worked out great. The mushrooms are moist and tender, and the batter crispy and a little spicy! Nice. The sauce is lovely, and would make a good Coleslaw dressing.
Then later for dinner the Tuna-free Noodle Casserole on page 133. More steps in this one but I did a step while making lunch, then something else, then came back and finished it all off later. I love recipes that you can do that with! Doesn't look the most appealing, but these things often don't!
I halved the salt in the recipe, as we are quite salt sensitive, and I am glad I did as it was still borderline too salty for our tastes. Yummy otherwise!

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