Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I got my tester copy!!

So watch out for a review of Viva Vegan! coming soon!! I tested LOADS for this book, as you may remember, so it will be a link-o-rama to all those old posts!
Photo borrowed from Amazon. Thanks Amazon.

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Chantal said...

Hey Clara,

I got my tester copie last week while I was in Europe. One of the first things I did upon getting home, was leaf through it. I also found a few typos. And I was desappointed that the pumpkin-sweet-potato cake or the squash quinotto didn't make the cut. But then again, I still have the recipes, and no one else will know what they are missing. That being said, I jumped right in to redo recipes that have already become old favorites in my household. A really good cookbook full of magnificent recipes. I really enjoyed my experience as a tester for Terry as well...