Friday, 7 May 2010

A Book to review!

Though this one isn't all that new to me. I made all but 1 recipe available for testing in testing last year (and the one I didn't make was an alcoholic drink and I don't) so I can safely say that this book is a total winner. Which book?? Terry Hope Romero's Viva Vegan of course!!
Go here to buy a copy!
Now I have the actual book in my hot little hands (thanks for the tester copy, Terry!) I can review more than just 1 recipe at a time!

First Impressions are great. Terry makes a lovely cover model, and the photos in the middle of the book are ever so pretty. I like that there is the red so it looks more interesting, shame the recipes run over pages, but there are loads, and you have to fit them in somehow.

One thing I noticed was that in the text sometimes there are references to recipes that aren't there! I guess they were (and I made them so I know they exist) but got cut at the last hurdle.

The food itself is sublime, and not all spicy if you've got that as a preconcieved idea about Latin Food, so there's no excuse. Here's some links to the photos from testing.

Potato cakes and peanut sauce. Soup and Chiccarones. Assorted yumminess. Tamales. Sancocho. Arroz con gandules. Pupusas and extras. Stuff with Seitan. Salads. More stuff. Tostones and Ceviche. More yummy food. With Quinoa (the tacu tacu is one that didn't make it). Sorbet. Cake. and those are just the ones I took photos of and blogged about!

Now, maybe I could get Terry to review my book when its done???


Mandee said...

I got my copy this week and I love it! I have bookmarked so many pages, I want to make everything!

jocelyn said...

I have to buy this. Hearing about the recipes makes me swoon.

Carla said...

It really is wonderful! Highly recommended! said...

I can't wait to get a copy of this one!

Mihl said...

My tester copy arrived last week and I cracked it open by making a batch of steamed red seitan.
You were such an amazing tester, Carla!

Carla said...

I really loved testing for this one, there were so many new and exciting things to try!