Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Alicia C. Simpson

Did you just ask, who?

You may know her from her Vegan Guinea Pig blog, or from being the author of this book.
That would be Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food, available from Amazon here. I "borrowed" their photos so thought they could benefit from the sale if you are so inclined.

I made the Sugar Cookies, page 214 today and wanted to give her a shout out for this quick and easy recipe which kept the kids happy, and encouraged them to polish off a HUGE plate of vegetables first. Yes, I bribed them, shoot me. Here's the photo to show you what you are missing!
I made them with the smaller amount of applesauce specified, and they turned out super chewy and lovely. A little too sweet for my taste, but not for the children. Thumbs up all round from them, though R did ask where the chocolate chips were.
Alicia has another book in the works, which is to hit stores in the Autumn. Quick and Easy Vegan Celebrations! Here's the link again.
I get no commission, or incentives, in case you were wondering. Just a PSA for a cookbook author I think is great!


Linda said...

Hi Carla, I love the mosaic-in-the-making in the background - both M&R?? :) xox and by the way, move went well in spite of the rain, living with the inlaws since Saturday has been sweet as (to be expected really, and we'll only be here about 4 weeks as we have a rental lined up) and first 3 days in the new job have been orientation-y but a bit straight-into-it too and all good. Should e-mail but probably won't for a bit. Love you

Carla said...

Thats a peel and stick mosaic, they both love them but that was M's. Glad to hear the move went well and you are temporarily settled. Hope everything continues to go well! Love you too!

loneveganmom said...

There is not harm in bribing the kids if it's the only way to get them to eat vegetables. I do it all the time!