Saturday, 10 April 2010

Two exciting things happened this week in our house.

Firstly, I passed my Drivers licence Road Test!! Hooray for me!! I've only been here 5 years. First try though so I have to be proud of that. I haven't really needed it until now, I could walk everywhere quite easily, but now the girls are older they need ferry-ing to dance lessons, and dance competitions, and birthday parties, and everything else they do! It took me a while to be comfortable driving on this side of the road too - everywhere else I've lived they've driven on the left.

The other thing exciting that happened is this -
R lost her first tooth. My baby is now officially, according to her, a big girl!


radioactivegan said...

Many congratulations on the tooth! hopefully it doesn't end up like this one: :)

Mike said...

Congratulations to both of the big girls!!

Linda said...

How gorgeous! Congrats R :) and congrats Carla on the driving test, and congrats me for getting the job I was interviewed for last week. Yay!

Carla said...

Where is the job?? and what?

two vegan boys said...

Your blog is great.

Carla said...