Saturday, 3 April 2010

Place Holding.

I have 2 posts I am going to write up over the weekend. I promise. I just haven't done so yet, and am doing half a million (it feels like) other things as well. That's the thing with committing to blog, it sometimes get pushed to the back burner as life gets in the way, and then you feel guilty about not blogging, and then its harder to actually blog because you feel you've let someone (who? the Internet? like it cares?)down by not doing it, when really its all in your head.
Anyway, I am baking, and have to take the girls to an Easter Egg hunt tomorrow morning (if the rain holds off) and H is working tomorrow night so I should be able to get the posts done (and one of them scheduled for later) then. But "best laid plans" and all that.
One post is a recipe for a Dal that we had for dinner with brown rice the other night, and the other is that long promised and not yet seen product review. Bear with me little blog, you are not forgotten, just temporarily pushed to the back of my mind!

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