Sunday, 4 April 2010

A lovely dinner to use up a little mint.

I had just a little mint left over the other day from a baking tester and came up with this simple dal to use it up. The flavours are very mild, but it is ever so tasty. Great over brown rice with steamed broccoli on the side.

Simple Minted Dal
Serves 4 with Brown Rice and a Green Vegetable

1 Tablespoon Cumin Seeds, lightly crushed
½ Tablespoon Mustard Seeds, lightly crushed
½ Tablespoon Coriander Seeds, lightly crushed

1 medium Onion, chopped
3 cloves Garlic, minced
1 Tablespoon Canola Oil

¾ Cup Yellow Split Peas
⅓ Cup finely chopped Carrots
3 Cups Vegetable Stock
1 Bay Leaf

One 19oz tin Chickpeas, drained and rinsed
½ Cup frozen Green Peas

2 Tablespoons finely chopped Mint
1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
Salt and Pepper to taste

In a large pot over medium heat dry fry the cumin, mustard, and coriander seeds for 2 minutes or so, until aromatic.
Add in the onion, garlic, and oil then sauté for 10 minutes until the onion is soft and translucent.
Add the split peas, carrots, stock, and bay leaf, cover and turn the heat up and bring to the boil. Once at the boil, reduce heat to low and simmer, partly covered and stirring occasionally, for 40 minutes or until split peas are just soft and most of the liquid is absorbed.
Add the chickpeas and green peas, cover and cook at a simmer for a further 10 minutes until peas are tender.
Turn off the heat and stir in the mint, lemon juice, and seasonings. Stand for 10 minutes prior to removing the bay leaf and serving.

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