Thursday, 8 April 2010

The long awaited Product Review!

Finally, you say. In my defence I must say that the stuff to review didn't arrive until the day I was leaving for New Zealand, and while some I took with me to try and review there, I forgot how strict NZ is about food stuff being brought in so I scoffed the lot on the plane (Its a 12 hour journey so its not as bad as it sounds!). The rest didn't get eaten for review until the other day as I have been super busy since I got back, and I've had my notes here making me feel guilty ever since.

The product I was sent to try is, of course as every other blogger seems to have got some too, Primal Strips, the vegan jerky. Photo stolen from their website.
I've never had unvegan jerky before so I really can't comment on how alike this is to the "real" stuff but I must say its a lot moister than I was expecting. I always thought jerky was all dried up and chewy and dried up. This stuff, while chewy, is really moist and nice to eat. It is very "meat like" or as far as I can remember it is (I've been not eating meat now for 5 years longer than I did so its been a while) and though a little strange it is not unpleasant. I liked the Hot and Spicy flavour best for texture and this is the one which has soy, and gluten, and shiitake mushrooms in it. It was more like I was expecting I guess.

For flavours, there are loads of options. If you consider 6 to be loads, that is. They have Hickory Smoked, Thai Peanut, Hot and Spicy, Teriyaki, Texas BBQ, and Mesquite lime. I think I liked the Thai Peanut one best, it was like a little satay without the stick. I thought the Texas BBQ and Hickory smoke would go really nicely in a sandwich, and I thought the Hot and Spicy was just that.

Now, the Mesquite Lime, bear with a minute for background. I was lucky enough (you may remember) to test for Terry Hope Romero's Viva Vegan which is due to hit the stores any day now-ish, and one of the recipes that I tested for the book (I hope it made it to the book) was a Cuban sandwich that you grill, with vegan cheese and meat stuff in it. While I was eating the Mesquite Lime Primal Strip I had the brainwave that this would be excellent as the "meat" in that sandwich! Go buy Terry's book and try it, you'll see I'm right!

Anyway -

Did I like Primal Strips? Yes

Would I buy them in the store? Yes - especially to use as noted above

Would I recommend them to others? Yes - as above

Anyone else have products for me to review? I promise to try and be quicker next time. I'm still waiting on a VitaMix!

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Babette said...

I love those Primal Strips too. They are very tasty.