Saturday, 17 April 2010

Bake Sale requests

I'm coming to the end of the recipe creation stage of the book, but thought before I call it a day I'd put it out there to you, my readers, and ask what do you like to see and buy at Bakesales?
What don't you see but think you would like to??
Just to double check I haven't missed anything important!
Comments please!


Quiltbug said...

I hope you have butter tarts in the book

Carla said...

Planning on them!

Chantal said...

Not sure if it's a bakesale item... but I have been attempting to recreate a vegan pecan pie every christmas for a few years now. I have admittedly failed systematically... The texture was weird with agar, and the pie wasn't sweet enough with tofu... Are you planning on having a pecan pie in your book? That would make my next christmas!

ashley said...

This is not really a what I'd like to see foodwise comment, but a what I would NOT like to see AROUND the food.

Saran wrap.
Wasteful, inefficient, throwaway saran wrap.
Use paper bags and load them up off of trays of goods that are not wrapped individually. Maybe in large, covered boxes like the large cake boxes that are often available that can also be used to tote large quantities of baked goods.

Better yet, ask people to bring their own box or bag or tupperware or whatever to take their goods home with, when possible.

As far as food goes, more allergy-friendly goods. Less chocolate chip cookies. More low-sugar or apple-sauce-instead-of-oil goods!

Whole wheat flour rather than something like unbleached or bleached "regular" flour.

Fruity cookies! Cookies with fruit filling in the middle like those kinds that come out of bags and coat your throat... but better. and vegan.

Chocolate-raspberry cookies are great but not often made!

Lower fat, lower sugar, more natural, and less fattening! I know that eating sweets runs the risk, but it's even better when there is a choice to go lower bad stuff, more good stuff!

Also, does everything at a bake sale really need to be baked? No bake cookies! They're closest to the healthiest cookies out there.

And breads. Zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, lemon-zest bread, banana bread, raisin bread... yummy.

Hope this helps a little bit.

Carla said...

Chantal. I've never had pecan pie, vegan or otherwise, so I don't know the texture you're trying to re-create, BUT I do have a nut pie recipe in the works - not specifically pecan but you could make it that way I suppose!

Carla said...

Great comments! I think I've got most of that covered in one way or another, low fat, low sugar, wheat free, nut free, soy free, (not all in one item but some are multiple, no bake cookies, loaves, etc. I like the sound of raspberry chocolate cookies!!