Monday, 22 March 2010

Last Lunch

Well almost! We go home tomorrow but for today we are spending time with my some family at my sister's house in Auckland. We went out for lunch today and I was ever so pleasantly surprised when there were vegan options on the menu, and even soy milk milkshakes!! Imagine, a mainstream restaurant where you don't have to "hold" anything to get something you can eat, and where the menu item even says it is vegan! What restaurant you ask... BurgerFuel in Mission Bay! or at least the one we went to was in Mission Bay. It was really good! Just so you know!

Speaking of lunches and vegan menu items, yesterday's lunch almost was as impressive. We stopped in Matamata on the way to Auckland, and I was surprised to see a wrap in their cabinet advertised as a "Tasty Vegan Wrap" so I ordered it. However, it was not to be as the wrap had egg in it and was meant to be vegetarian, not vegan. Bummer. They made me a vegan one very quickly, which was nice, and tasty.

Nothing more now for a few days as I will be travelling.


radioactivegan said...

At least you know your wrap was fresh :) I would love to walk into a mainstream restaurant and see anything labeled as vegan on the menu *swoon*

Linda said...

have a safe flight, so lovely to have been able to come up last night even for a few hours :) Big hugs to the girls xoxox