Monday, 1 March 2010

Impromptu and Unsolicited #3

And, this is blog post number 300 for this blog!! YAY me!

In case you're wondering why I am doing this series of Impromptu and Unsolicited Product reviews, its because I have been asked to do one, and am just waiting for the stuff to arrive in the mail. I thought it would be cute to have unsolicited ones followed by a solicited one, but if the stuff doesn't get here soon you'll end up with a soup recipe next instead! Anyway, onwards...

My friend Andrea very kindly gave me a Starbucks voucher for helping her out with some things (she's super busy right now what with working, studying and a new baby so I do what I can) so off I went to get a soy latte the other day and saw they were stocking Dr Lucy's Cookies. I'd never seen them before but they are free from almost everything and are vegan so I gave them a go. Using a voucher is like getting them for free! I got the Cinnamon Thins, and they were thin! The cookies are very crisp, with a crunchy texture, no softness here at all! They tasted nice, not overly cinnamon-y but still good, and for what they are, that is mass produced free from everything cookies, they were pretty good. The children refused to try them, so I got the wee pack all to myself!
Would I buy them again? yes, if I was craving a sweet treat and happened to be wanting coffee too, or had another voucher to spend.

Would I try other Dr Lucy Cookies? yes, as above.

Would I go out of my way to buy them? no, because 1 - don't have allergies etc which make vegan cookies hard to find, and 2- usually if I want cookies I bake them myself.

Would I recommend them to someone with food allergies looking for a cookie? Absolutely!

Picture from the Dr Lucy's website.

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