Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Impromptu and Unsolicited, Part 2

Store Review. Sort of.

Photo taken from their website.

I'm very lucky to live walking distance, if you count half an hour walking as walking distance, I do, so its walking distance for me, away from the Karmavore Store in New Westminster. Its a vegan speciality store stocked to the roof with all sorts of yummy foods, even refrigerated and frozen stuff, shoes, belts, t-shirts and hoodies, pet stuff, and books. Take a browse through the online store, yes you can order from far away, as what you see there is what they have in store!

I don't know the names of the people who work there, but every time I've been in they have been helpful and friendly, and happy to have a chat with you, dispose of your unwanted packaging and what have you.

They even have a blog.

I have no connection with the store, and they haven't asked me to write this, I'm just sharing! and this reminds me, I'd better go introduce myself and see if they want to stock my book once it is published!! HA!

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Volo said...

I'm glad you wrote this because I've been thinking of taking a detour one day and going into New West to Karmavore. They have a great website, so I figured the store would be as well.