Sunday, 21 February 2010

Impromptu and Unsolicited, Part 1

Product Review. Of sorts.
I have been using these Sweet & Sara Mini Marshmallows (picture from their website) in some of the baking I've been doing lately, and they are great, just the right size for baking in stuff, and even if they are a little too big, so much easier to cut up than big sized marshmallows. They are sweet and marshmallow-y textured as you'd expect, so I have nothing but praise for the product.
R especially loves them, and as her friends often bring mini marshmallows as a treat snack for recess at school, she has been bugging me everyday to be allowed to take them too!
These treats are available from online vegan stores, and speciality stores, but here's the list from the S&S website! For me, the easiest place to buy them will be the subject of Impromptu and Solicited, Part 2! Next time.

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Ricki said...

Just found your blog--it looks wonderful! I tasted S&S when someone gave me some as a gift and just loved them, but can't find them here (Toronto area). Can't wait to see where you get them. And that tofu in the previous post looks amazing--I think I know what I'm having for breakfast today!