Sunday, 24 January 2010

Quick and Super Easy for Dinner

Everything I'm making for dinner these days is super fast, and really simple. Often using up leftovers, or making enough for leftovers for another day. You see, I'm in the kitchen baking on average 3 times a day getting recipes finalised to test for the book, on top of looking after my kids and the day care kids and everything else you do, so by the time it is time to cook dinner, I want something that is pretty much a no brainer. This one fitted the bill perfectly.
Pasta, and in the time it took to cook, sauteed onion and garlic, added leftover corn kernels, red kidney beans and red onion, sauteed a bit more, added chopped cilantro and the last of a container of Sour Supreme, and there was dinner. Delicious too!

Maybe I should write a book about Quick and Easy Busy Night Dinners too, as that's all I have and am making at the moment!

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Shirley said...

This looks good. Might have it this week. At least keep a note of what you make so that if you do write the book it will be easier to remember what you used in the dish and don't always have to start from scratch.