Friday, 8 January 2010

Mushroom Dinner

How's this for yummy looking! Marinated and baked Portobellos with kale and broccoli, and smashed potatoes. The marinade / baking sauce I then thickened for a gravy!
and then with the leftover mashed potato -
I call this Kale-cannon with Avocado!

Thanks to everyone who answered the recipe tester call. I've got enough people now. Thanks!


Courtney said...

That looks great, Carla!

BTW--did you get my e-mail? I can't get into the tester site for some reason?


Carla said...

I emailed you back if its not working through your account send me another address to try. Some other people have had problems too, but if its a gmail account the invitation goes to its usually OK.