Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Homemade Soy Creamer.

If you don’t have any, or it isn’t available where you life, you can make a Soy Creamer substitute by using your blender.
In the photo, the Silk Creamer is to the right (by the bottle) and the homemade is to the left. They look and taste very similar. Homemade is less white, but I suppose that is to be expected.

Homemade Soy Creamer
Makes 1 ¼ C
Place ¼ C Plain Soymilk and ¼ C Canola Oil in your blender and on high power blend until really smooth and creamy. Add in ¾ C more soymilk, 1 – 2 t Agave and if desired ½ t Vanilla (optional) and blend until super smooth and frothy. How much sweetener you’ll need will depend on how sweet you like creamer, and how sweet your soymilk was to start with!

Use as you would commercial soy creamer and store in a tightly covered container in the fridge. I use leftover agave bottles!


Mama Veg said...

Good idea! My husband loves the Silk creamer, but he always takes it to work. This would be good to have at home.

radioactivegan said...

I made this to use in the currant squares, and it's a great substitute. I don't keep soy creamer around, so I really like having a sub. Thanks!

I used low-fat, plain soymilk, 1/2 tsp of vanilla, and 1 tsp of agave.

murielle said...

I really loved this``cream`` ....I loved with without the sweet and vanilla....will keep it on hand ....thank you !!

fabiano said...

Thanks sooo much! I know this blog is dated (2010) but this recipe is such a great help to me I just had to comment and thank you- hope you see this.

I got tired of the commercial soy creamer in my coffee because it was too sweet. The sugar in the brand I was using caused me to have a bit of a crash afterwards...not what I need first thing to start the day.

Your recipe is perfect. I tried without agave and with agave and greatly appreciate the fact that I can adjust it to taste. Personally, I do not need the vanilla because I think it masks the great taste of my coffee.

This recipe mkes life simpler, as I always have soymilk and canola oil in my pantry and ca whip up a batch of creamer whenever I need it. I plan to substitute sunflwer oil next time, as I understand it has additional healthy properties. BIG HAPPY,

Anonymous said...

I just tried this with Almond milk instead of soy milk and it was terrific!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe. Didn't turn out as sweet as I like it, so I'll adjust accordingly next time, but other than that, it's great!

Anonymous said...

I just made this and it was yummier than the soy creamer I was wasting money on but thought I couldn't live without.