Sunday, 9 August 2009

To (start to) even up the testing posts.

Seeing as Isa is putting up recipes for her next book I thought I'd better take a photo and blog about that too, seeing as I seem to be showing a lot of Terry testers. Here we have - Scarlet Barley and Mushroom and Cannelini Paprikas. I'm sure you can guess from the colour which one is which!

It has been un summery here the last few days (and yes, 2 weeks ago it was sweltering so you do need to be careful what you wish for) so the warm, earthy delights of these dishes made a great lunch.


Chantal said...

What is Isa`s new book about? Is it too late to sign up as a tester? If not, where can I sign up?

The scarlet barley looks amazing!

Carla said...

Chantal, its a whole foods focused book, sort of weight lossy but more focused on real foods and health than obsessing on loosing weight and being a perfect something.

I know she's just brought a bunch of new testers on board through the PPK, so you could email her there to see if she needs more. I'm not sure she does, but she can only say "no thanks", right?