Thursday, 13 August 2009

Product stuff.

In the course of testing for Terry's Vegan Latina book I have been involved in a couple of product swaps, were I have sent (or been on the receiving end of) products that were unavailable elsewhere in return for vegan goodies from far away. The lovely Liz from Cooking the Vegan Books in the UK is one person I swapped with and as part of the parcel I received from her I got 2 vegan cheeses. These guys -
The Mozzarella Cheezly really melts! I had it on pizza a while back and it is great! and the Smoked Cheddar Sheese is good enough to eat! no, really - by itself, or as a cheese sandwich. I mean, of course, that it tastes remarkably good and cheese like, which vegan cheeses often don't. I was amazed, and am making them last as best I can.

I was so overjoyed to get these! Now, if you can find them here, they sell for up to $10 each for a little packet, so how jealous was I to see she bought them for a few quid each!! (Sue, or Iain and Nicole, - you reading this?? you know what to send for Christmas, or bring to Fi's wedding)

Never having met Liz, the only way I know she is lovely is due to the goodies she sent me!! Liz, if you're reading this, THANKS and those Hula Hoops didn't last long once the children got at them!


Courtney said...

We can't get either of those for ANY price in the US where I am, and I have always wanted to taste them! Now I want to try them even MORE after your review!


Liz (EFCliz) said...

So glad you enjoyed them!! Let me know when the cravings start getting bad....