Friday, 21 August 2009

Ginger Neville.

According to the Australia Woman's Weekly Kids Birthday Cake Book, that is the name of this cat, immortalised in cake.

R's friend M was having a birthday party and I offered to bake the cake as our gift. I gave her the book, and some options to choose from and this is the one she wanted. The base is a sheet cake made from multiple batches of the Golden Vanilla Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World, iced pretty much as specified in the book. I just made it a girl cat, not a boy one with the addition of a big gold bow.
and, no, the birthday girl and her family aren't vegan, they just know good cake, and great icing skills when they see / taste it!

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Courtney said...

Wow--that is really impressive! You are quite the baker/cake decorator!