Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Even to post about Ice Cream.

Its just too hot.
Vancouver's highs have been 31, 32 C the last few days, which is the temperature at the airport. Which is right on the water. We're inland so have to add on about 5 degrees. I've just checked my email and the latina tester forum and my computer is making that "I'm too hot noise" already and my house is like a sauna. This is it for today - I'll do the Chocolate Ice Cream comparison next time, I think I promise.


Frollein Holle said...

I send you some cool greetings from the well tempered germany - keep your chin up, cooler time will come ;))

Chantal said...

Vancouver seems to be the only warm place in Canada. Here, in Ottawa, it is still unseasonably cool. It rains nearly daily (which means I haven't had to water my garden at all)... a weird summer overall.