Friday, 17 July 2009

Early Birthday Present - Part 1.

The first of my Birthday Present books has arrived - with more to follow, and my birthday isn't until September!

For the last few years in early summer I have put a birthday request list into my Mum and Dad, who are in New Zealand, for cookbooks I'd like them to order from Amazon (where I got the picture from and all) and get shipped to me here in Canada. They are ever so obliging and unless the list is extravagantly long, I pretty much get what I ask for. This year I have 4 books coming - the first to arrive being
Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry.
He has a blog etc here where some of the recipes are posted too. I have had a read through it and would like to make a few things soon. I have more Latina testing to do too so when I get to it is any one's guess!

I'll let you know about the other books as they arrive.

Thanks Mum and Dad.

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Courtney said...

What a great early birthday surprise! I love cookbooks, and that one is definitely on my list. Along with Vegan Brunch and all of the other amazing cookbooks that have come out recently that my library system does not carry and that I am drooling over in people's blog posts...:-)