Friday, 31 July 2009

Chocolate Icecream Testing.

The long awaited, much postponed followup post. Finally.

Like I did not so long ago for Vanilla I made the chocolate ice creams out of Veganomicon, Vegan Scoop and Lick it, then we all taste tested.In no particular order -
Partially cooked mix this time. Not too time consuming or fiddly really, and the mix ends up thick. I found the chocolate didn't completely melt smooth using this method and there were little particles in the ice cream. Not un-nice just not expected. Straight out of the machine the ice cream tastes quite coconutty, but that flavour goes away when its had time to harden.

This one uses LOTS of chocolate. A little fiddly, with the melting of the chocolate and adding to the blender to get everything smooth, but the result is a very smooth and very very rich ice cream. Quite decadent. You can eat the chilled mix and its like chocolate pudding as it is so smooth and thick.
This is time consuming with the heating over low heat. The mix ends up nice and thick, and not as rich, with a lovely chocolate taste. Smooth eating out of the machine, but after a while (a few days) in the freezer it gets really hard. Before it gets super hard it rolls really nicely.

I must say I prefer (as before) the Veganomicon recipe. It is so super rich and chocolate-y you can only eat a little bit, but that's how chocolate ice cream should be IMHO.

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Courtney said...

I need an ice cream maker!