Saturday, 25 July 2009

and speaking of Ice Cream....

Over the past week or so I made the Vanilla Ice Cream from the three books I have with recipes in them, and we've done a taste testing, both straight out of the machine, and when hard.

Here's our random thoughts on each. First up
The mix for this one is quite thin. Fast to mix as everything is liquid and no cooking is required. Full of coconut milk so not low fat by nay stretch. Straight out of the machine is smells and tastes very coconutty. When hard, still tastes coconutty but less so. Not that we really care, but its not a pure vanilla taste.

Then we have
The mix has to be cooked which takes a while. Less convenient to make because of this. Soy Creamer is not cheap. At the end of mixing time it still looked very sloppy, hardly firm at all. When hardened texture was very hard. Little aftertaste which was unexpected - maybe the creamer? Still ate it happily and enjoyed it.

More ingredients. OK to mix, just need to blend it up. Better than having to cook, but not as convenient as just whisking. Mix is thick due to the tofu. Contains coconut milk, but taste is not strong as there is more soy in it. Texture straight out of the machine and after time was great.

So our favourite - the recipe in Veganomicon. Though we happily ate all with no complaining. Thanks to Amazon for the pictures.

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Jeni Treehugger said...

I so so so want an ice cream maker. I'm not a huge ice-cream fan but the past week or so all I have been craving is ICE-CREAM!!!