Thursday, 11 June 2009

Highland Dancing - The Recital, and Cookies.

Both M and R take Highland Dancing classes, it is in their blood really seeing as they were both born in Scotland, and they both love it. Honestly both of them are known to spontaneously break into some steps all over the place! So I'll start with some photos of them in costumes from the show - no action shots as the school makes a tape and sells it for fundraising.

First half of the show costumes -

Second half of the show costumes -
There's also a "tea" at the end and parents are asked to provide food for sharing. I made these cookies - Chocolate Chip Mint Leaf Icebox Cookies, and Gingerbread Biscotti - from the forthcoming Vegan Cookies Invade your Cookie Jar (follow the link and buy it people). I love being a tester for this - I can make super cookies and smugly not share the recipe while promoting the book! Needless to say, they were loved by all!


Angela said...

Aww, cute (cookies and children)! I've seen those spontaneous highland-dancing break-outs :)

Courtney said...

What cuties! Oh, yeah, and your treats look nice too... :o)