Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Airmiles Redemption #1

I recently discovered I had over 2,000 Airmiles in my account. Now I know its not much, but when the things you want to spend them on are only about 600 Airmiles each it is! I have ordered 3 food related things using my points and will share what I've used them for as they arrive.

So far the only one which has come is the waffle iron, yes, a waffle iron!! I've never had one, and wanted one so bad to make the waffles in Vegan Brunch! so when it came I made waffles for dinner. The Gingerbread Waffles to be exact.
Gingerbread Waffles

How were they?? great, R LOVED them, and M even ate some (she's NOT a gingerbread fan). I told them waffles could be made in any flavour, so they immediately made requests. R asked for Orange Waffles and M for Vanilla. While M was at school today I made R these Orange ones for lunch, and she gobbled them up. I just changed up the Gingerbread recipe somewhat. I'll get to the Vanilla ones at some point and most likely post the pictures here too. YAY Waffles!!
Orange Waffles

Anyone care to guess what else I may have ordered?
Here's a hint - they're both also small electrical kitchen appliances.
Wait and see!

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Courtney said...

No idea what you may have ordered, but I am interested to find out!