Sunday, 1 March 2009

For dinner last night we had -

I took the leftover Aduki Bean "Mince" from earlier in the week, added in some TVP I'd reconstituted and flavoured with tomato paste, marmite and liquid smoke, then cooked a little to thicken and used that as filling for my pie. Super yum with salad and more asparagus. Here's to ...


Courtney said...

So cute!


Jeni Treehugger said...

Haha what an AWESOME Pie! And I love the sound of the filling - Marmite AND Liquid Smoke! YUM!

Linda said...

Hi Carla,
Not at all linked to your pie post, but I've just realised the date and linked it to you as I'm reading your blog. Happy wedding anni :) Goodness me, 6 years has flown by. Have a lovely romantic day if you can and yummy yummy food.
Love Lin
ps. do you have any good recipes for broccoli soup?

Chris @ Beyond Ramen said...

Savory pie sounds great right about now! (It just snowed about a foot here in New England).