Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Perfect Vegan Pikelets.

Don't know what pikelets are? Not that the link there is all that helpful, so here's a better one, but you have to read down a way to get the reference, so here it what Wikipedia says -

"Smaller pancakes (usually about 3.5 in / 9 cm in diameter) are known in the UK as Scotch pancakes or drop-scones (after the traditional method of dropping batter onto a griddle (a girdle in Scots)), and in northern England, Australia and New Zealand as pikelets. They can be served with jam and cream or just with butter."

With me? and why am I blogging about pikelets today? Obviously as it is Shrove Tuesday, aka "Pancake Day", and pikelets are sort of baby pancakes. Though they aren't really, the batter is a little thicker and they are sort of "tougher" (in a super good way) than pancakes as we know in North America.

Anyhow, we had large pikelets warm for lunch, which is completely non traditional, and if there had been any left I would have served them cold with marg and jam for afternoon tea (more traditional!). However, there wasn't, so bad luck for the kids at school.

Here's the recipe I made up and used, and following the directions as stated makes them much larger than is usual at home in New Zealand, but more pancake-y seeing as it is Pancake Day. To make them more pikelet sized perhaps use only half the batter as I've indicated.
If using a ¼ C measure yield is 10 large pikelets.

¼ C Soft Tofu
¾ C Soymilk
¼ C Water
¼ C Maple Syrup
2 T Oil
½ t Vanilla Extract
1 C Plain Flour
1 T Cornstarch
1 t Baking Powder
¼ t Salt

In a large bowl whisk the tofu until broken up and smooth. Add in the soymilk in two batches, whisking well between each to ensure tofu well incorporated and smooth.
Add in water, maple syrup, oil and vanilla and whisk until well combined and smooth.
Sift in the remaining ingredients and whisk until smooth.
Stand for 5 minutes and preheat a large non stick pan over just the low side of medium heat.
Using a ¼ C measure (or size as desired) scoop the batter into the pan, allowing to spread to an even circle. Depending on the size of your pan you may be able to get 2 or 3 cooking at a time.
Once small bubbles appear over most of the surface of the batter, and the underside is golden brown, flip and cook the other side until lightly browned.
Spray pan with a little non stick cooking spray if desired prior to cooking each load.


Chris @ Beyond Ramen said...

Wow! Great info you've got here. I've never seen a pancake recipe with tofu, so I'm excited to try this out. Happy Mardi Gras!

steph said...

pikelets! love them!

Mihl said...

Woderful name for a pancake! I didn't know they were the same as drop scones. Yours look perfect, by the way.

Emma said...

Hello, I ran a search for vegan pikelets on google and this recipe sounded the best because I had tofu I needed to use up! And they were indeed good. Thank you for the recipe :)

Carla said...

You're welcome!