Thursday, 19 February 2009

A dinner without a recipe.

As I said yesterday I have had bits and pieces in containers in my fridge to use up, and this dinner was another using up stuff one. This time some tinned pumpkin which I turned into this really nice curry.
No recipe really but what I did was to saute some onion, garlic and celery with some mustard seeds, added tomato paste and my Tandoori Spice mix then the pumpkin, some potato and some sweet potato as well as a tin of coconut milk and some veggie stock. I let this cook down for about 45 minutes, added in some chickpeas and frozen green peas, cooked another 15 minutes, and there we have dinner. I have loads of leftovers too!



Chris said...

Cool! I never feel guilty when I use spice mixes, assuming they have a relatively short ingredient list (no MSG or random chemicals), because it's just too convenient to pass up!

Carla said...

Chris, this is a spice mix I make up myself from a bunch of other spices I have. I found I was using the same ones over and over and thought it would be quicker and easier to have them premixed, so I did. I'm sure I've blogged the mix at other times but I can send you it if you like.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Mmmmm looks delicious. Leftover meals are just the best.