Saturday, 10 January 2009

Tracy's Hubby's Biscuits.

I bought a copy of this book by Tracy at A Veg*n for Dinner and made my first thing from it last night. I don't make other people's stuff all that often as I like to make my own things up, but sometimes its good to support a fellow blogger - especially those who have self published stuff. Go to this link if you too would like to support Tracy and buy her cookbook.
(Tracy - time for a kickback now for the plug!)
I liked the biscuits, but found them very sweet, it was more like eating a sweet scone with my soup than a biscuit, but to be fair, Tracy does say in the recipe that her husband likes them sweet! Light and delicate, as well as quick and easy to make, I'll make these again for sure, just with a lot less sugar next time!

Yay Tracy.


Mike said...

Where did you get the book?

Carla said...

OK, it was bought for me. better?