Thursday, 8 January 2009

Dear Vitamix People

I see from reading all sorts of other blogs that you have given a bunch of these away over the last little while for people to use and rave about.
May I put my hand up and say "Yes Please"? Thank you.
My teeth hurt after my dentist visit yesterday and I would dearly love to have one so soups would be super smooth and smoothies would be super fast and wonderful. Rest assured that at the moment it would get loads of use and loads of blogging time.
Thanks in anticipation, and I'd love you forever.
What do you think my chances are?


Jessica said...

You have my vote ;)

Vegyogini said...

Considering that I haven't heard a word from them despite the plea I posted on my blog a couple days ago, I think our chances are poor, unfortunately. :( I hope we get them, though!

Carla said...

I got a nice email today from Allison at Vita MIx, who having read this post, emailed to say they aren't sending out any more product for this review - which I felt was really nice, to get a response from the company like that to someting posted randomly in a blog. I have, of course, asked to be kept in mind for future giveaways!

Jeni Treehugger said...

One of my favourite sayings..."If you don't ask, you won't get!"

*wonders who I can beg for freebies to*