Tuesday, 9 December 2008

It didn't go according to plan.

Still tasted good, but unfortunately didn't turn out as I had envisaged. On the way home from preschool I had the idea of making potato pancakes, with bits of potato and sweet potato in them. Just like pancakes, only savoury not sweet. So off I went into creating mode (which will all my teeth drama has been understandably switched off a lot lately) and made these suckers. They were potato-y all right, but more like soggy latkes than actual pancakes that I wanted. Back to the drawing board on this one. I think the concept will work quite nicely once I get it sorted. Perhaps once I have I'll be up to sharing the recipe, I know none of you wants a recipe for soggy latkes!
I have another tooth causing me problems which is why I am being a real slacker with posting. Its been sensitive to hot and cold for a while but its been agony the past wee while. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow so hopefully he can sort it. Anyone want to swap teeth?


Jeni Treehugger said...

Oooh - lovely colour though!


Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Too bad...they look really good!

Sorry to hear about your teeth.. and I speak from experience.