Friday, 12 December 2008


What have I been eating lately?
Well, my teeth have stopped being agony so I have eaten a bit more solidly the last few days. Next week I have to have some more work done so it may be back to soups for a few days - bear with me. In the meantime here's a few dinners -

Portobello Mushrooms with BBQ Sauce, Mustard Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli.

Mini "Meat" Loaves, Gravy, Roasted Potatoes, Kale and Peas in a Tahini Sauce.

Homemade Bread to go with.
What's coming up?
Well, I should have birthday cake and birthday girl pictures after the weekend - R is turning 4. Can't believe it.
Also I am going to make the Christmas Muffins I mentioned before and will blog about them next week.


Courtney said...

Happy birthday to R!

Do you have a recipe for the mini meatloaves? They sound great!


mollyjade said...

Hope your mouth is feeling better soon. How did you make the kale and peas?

Carla said...

MollyJade - the recipe I used for the sauce is this one
and I just cooked the vege and stirred this in and heated gently for a few minutes to thicken.

Courtney - I do have a recipe and if you email me I will email it to you!

mollyjade said...

Thanks! I don't think Matt has ever had kale, and that looks like a great recipe to start him off with.