Thursday, 18 December 2008

A Christmas Playdate.

I foolishly agreed to let M and Big A have a Christmas Play date before the end of school for the holidays. Foolishly in that they don't forget and once you say it you have to do it!

I let them invite 2 friends each to come to our house after school, have a snack, do a craft, play a game or 2, then clean up and go home. 2 friends each you gasp! That's SIX 6 year olds! "Are you mad?" I hear you ask - the answer - not as mad as you'd think. and it was made a little easier by 1 being sick on the day!

School lets out at 3pm, by the time I shepherded the 5 of them home it was nearly 3.30pm, then even with snack on the table and ready to go it was after 3.45pm by the time the juice was drunk, the popcorn and cupcakes eaten. Then off they all went for a very noisy M led tour of the house while I got the craft ready. The craft took until after 4.30 for them to complete, and as they were all being collected at 5pm it left very little time for cleanup!

The afternoon surely flew by anyway! and to be truthful they were pretty well behaved over all - over excited and very silly but not as bad as it could have been. I will say however that I was completely knackered at the end of it!

Here's a photo of M and her friends - there's one other M and the other 3 are A's.

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Mike said...

Sounds lke a wonderful time was had by all except you!! But that is what children are for!! And you didn't have to get in extras for 5 at a time!! Every day was like that!!