Tuesday, 4 November 2008

So, you've asked for...

So far the requests are -

Pumpkin Chai

Suitable for diabetics

Fondant French Fancies

Spicy Chili

Carrot X 2





"Diet" Super Chocolate

Tamarind Concentrate (maybe with citrus)

Hokey Pokey (maybe with vegan white chocolate)

Black Forest

Chocolate Caramel / Moro Bar

Nanaimo Bar

Spicy spinach and vegan feta

Now, (Dad) Feijoa isn't happening as I can't find them here. Avocados are $2 each so not at the moment, and it may be the season in New Zealand, but not here for asparagus. I have a good idea for asparagus, but it'll have to wait until spring.

I'm also not going to go with the French Fancies, they'd end up too cakey to be called muffins I think. All the rest seem potentially do-able, though may need some google work.

I have 2 versions of the chili request in mind, so I may make both and see which works best. Tamarind is intriguing. I have some concentrate in the fridge and haven't used it much. I must think further on that one.

I have decided I am going to start with the Carrot ones, as there have been 2 requests, then the pumpkin chai (and maybe another) which should be suitable (I hope) for diabetics, and then we'll see.

This has really sparked the creative part of my brain. Keep the ideas coming!!


Jeni Treehugger said...

Ooooh I so can't wait to see what you conjure up!!

Courtney said...

Hmmm...my post didn't show up for some reason? I will try again--I would love a muffin that is wheat free (not necessarily gluten free) and refined-sugar free. Thank you!


Megan said...

Seeing as the Christmas stuff is in the stores now, how about a Christmas type muffin.