Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Save on Foods!

When we first moved to Canada we lived in North Vancouver with my in laws, and then near to them. Once we moved to our own place, out in the wilds of Burnaby, I realised how spoiled we were to have a Save on Foods within walking distance. The closest one to us, right now anyway, is a 20 minute sky train journey away, so not the most convenient for every day shopping - as you can guess it's not somewhere I go often.
I went today with R, while M was in school and Big A / Little A were off seeing the Aga Khan with their Mum and Dad, and I'm going to make time to go each week I think!! I love this store - it has a great bulk section where there is available, amoungst other stuff; gluten, spelt flour, kamut flour, yellow corn flour, rice flour, tapioca starch, potato flour, dried cranberries, blueberries and goji berries, vegan chocolate chips, all sorts of raw nuts and seeds, and on and on! It has better selection than my health food store and is cheaper than them too. Oh, yeah.
And that's only the bulk section, the variety in their aisles (and freezer / refrigerated sections) is great too - and they have those special green sections with "healthy" or slightly alternative products with the standard offerings in each aisle. This is why I loved SOF before!
There is a Save-On being built near us as part of a new development, and it was originally meant to be open by now (as if things ever open on time), but from the state of the building - it may even be this time next year. I truly can't wait. The prices may be more than the other supermarkets, but they are less than the HFS, and the selection is worth it!
Please note. This rave is purely of my own incentive. I have received no financial reward, or shopping related goods, from the Save On Foods company to write this. Though, Save on Foods people - you want me to write more I'd be happy to take store credit!!!

I also wanted to show you dinner last night - Tofu Scramble from VwaV, but with south of the border vegetables and stuff. The US / Mexican border that would be.

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