Monday, 10 November 2008

The Rice Challenge

I am going to do this from tomorrow. I wanted to assure you I will still get the muffins done and posted when they are, but in the meantime you'll also get lots of pictures of food with rice.
I have some guidelines in my own mind.
- Rice 3 meals a day, therefore snacks are exempt so I can taste the muffins I'm creating.
- Its OK to pre-cook the rice in bulk!
- Rice crackers / cakes count. I may need emergency breakfasts or something.
- All types of rice are fair game - white, brown, black, risotto, sushi, wild (even though its not really rice) etc, alone or combined with other grains.
- Sweet and savoury are created equal. So for dinner I could have a bowl of soup and rice pudding and stay within the rules.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner including Rice as from tomorrow - GO
Timing is because of my tooth. I have a temporary fix in place but am going to have to have 2 teeth (the cracked one and a wisdom) surgically removed later in the month. Can't see me wanting to eat rice much after that!

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