Saturday, 1 November 2008

Great Soup!

I'm really loving this soup at the moment. It comes out a lovely orange-y yellow colour, is super warming tasting, and best of all gets me lots of goodness without hurting my poor teeth! I think I've made it three times over the past 2 weeks and made it a little different every time so this is more a "guide to awesome soup" than an actual recipe.Bake 1 squash and 1 large sweet potato (orange fleshed) at 400F for about an hour (or until tender) You'll need to cut the squash into at least 1/4's and prick the sweet potato well. I've used a different squash each time and its all good! Cool, remove skins and roughly chop.

In a large soup pot saute an onion (I've used red and plain) some garlic and a shallot or 2 if you like. Add some of the following herbs / spices - Cumin, Coriander, Cardamon, Paprika, Turmeric, Majoram, Salt and Pepper - or whatever mix takes your fancy.

Add in 3 pretty big peeled and chopped white potatoes, a tin of coconut milk, some red lentils if you like them (I've made it with and without and both are good), the baked vegetables too, then cover with vegetable stock and water.

Bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer and cook until potatoes and lentils (if using) are tender (up to an hour). You'll need more liquid if using the lentils so keep an eye on the soup as it cooks and add more as necessary.

Blend with your immersion blender until smooth. Makes loads. Art courtesy of M. ************************************************************************************
In case you were wondering, I did do some Halloween Baking for the girls school and preschool parties, Sugar cookies for one - (thanks to
Peggy for the recipe) and mini Jaffa (chocolate / orange) muffins for the other, but I neglected to take photos which is why you aren't getting a Halloween post this year. Sorry! Here's M looking cute in her costume.
and - Thanks for your comments on the Creating / Experimenting post, try the muffins they're good. Yes, even you, my "original loving" Dad! I know Its November and I need to update the sidebar. I will get to it soon, hopefully tomorrow.


Mike said...

Even better with coconut cream!!

Mike said...

Love the dress and the cheeky grin!! Hope they both enjoyed "tricking and treating".