Monday, 27 October 2008

I Love:CookBooks

Here's a sample of the vegan ones I have - photo taken of the ones I keep besides my microwave. I have another shelf with my less used vegan ones, my non vegan ones, and also my non recipe food books (Becoming Vegan and the like). I have some books out on loan at the moment too! A friend has discovered she has a dairy allergy so I've lent her some vegan cookbooks so she'll be able to have baked goods and scrambled tofu!

I also often borrow cookbooks from the Library, often vegan ones I've seen mentioned favourably in forums, or ones I may want to buy. I like to take put non vegan books too, and get ideas and inspiration for creating dishes, flavour combinations, what have you. I love browsing bookstores too (and kitchen supply stores, and grocery stores but those are separate topics for love) and could spend hours, if I ever had spare hours to spend.

I'm going to mention in this post that I also love cookbooks that haven't been published yet, and being a tester for Isa's (the PPK) forthcoming Brunch book, and the Cookie one she is writing with Terry. I can recommend both already so if you love Breakfast (and who doesn't) - go and preorder!


Jeni Treehugger said...

YAY! For Cook Books!

Courtney said...

I love cookbooks too--I could sit in the bookstore for hours looking through them! What do you think of Gluten Free Vegan? Is it a good one?


Carla said...

Courtney - I think Its pretty good. I have made some dishes from it but no baking yet. Tasty and nothing too unusual.