Sunday, 12 October 2008

I Love: Soup

I got this book out of the library last week, and I think I made every soup recipe from it, they all appealed to me. I only took photos of one (which I used in this post) so nothing fantastic to share there. We ate soup every day until H had enough and gave me the "enough soup already!" look.
I think I love soup because its one of those things you can easily cook instinctively, which is how I tend to work. Have you seen the Disney movie "Ratatouille"? and that scene where the mouse runs on the shelf over the soup pot and just starts throwing stuff in based on what he smells and tastes? I cook soup a little like that when I'm not trying to follow someone else's recipe. (I say try to follow because I do find it hard not to be drawn off into a tangent sometimes.)

I start with a basic idea of what I think will work based on what I feel like eating and take it from there, using starting with a saute of onions / garlic (sometimes even a full mirepoix) adding veggies, herbs and spices, stock, lentils or beans, grains - whatever takes my fancy. I had to start writing the recipes down because if I didn't and they were good I couldn't recreate it another time!! I do love soup!

Here's a hearty autumnal soup for you! Sticks to your ribs and fills you up completely.
Scotchless Broth
Serves 4 as main type soup

½ C Pearl Barley – soaked overnight
½ C Split Green Peas – soaked overnight
1 Onion – finely chopped
1 Celery – finely chopped
1 Leek, trimmed – finely chopped
1 Bayleaf
6 C Mushroom Stock
2 t Marmite
1 t Liquid Smoke
2 T Soy Sauce
1 C Turnip, 1 cm cubes (1)
1 C Swede (Rutabaga, Brown Turnip), 1 cm cubes (1/2)
1 C Carrot, 1 cm cubes (2)
¼ C Parsley – finely chopped
3 C Water
1 C Frozen Peas
Salt and Pepper to taste

Rinse both the soaked peas and barley. Allow to drain.
In a large soup pot sauté the onion, celery and leek over medium heat for 10 minutes until soft.
Add in the split peas and barley, along with the bayleaf, stock, marmite, liquid smoke and soy sauce. Bring to the boil, and cook at a low boil for 20 minutes.
Add in the turnip, swede, carrot, parsley and water. Cook a further 25 minutes until vegetables are soft.
Lastly add in the frozen peas, season to taste and cook a further 5 – 10 minutes until peas are done.
Remove bayleaf prior to serving.


Jeni Treehugger said...

That soup looks and sounds amazing! Gonna make this one for sure - thanks for the recipe!

Courtney said...

Soup is one of my favorites too! I love just throwing things in and then getting a yummy soup...different every time!


Erik said...

I cook soup the same way! It is my main way of getting rid of things that will otherwise go bad.
But I do often buy ingredients for the sole purpose of making soup, too. But I always make sure to have the staples around: beans and rice, onions and carrots, etc.